A Day In My Life – NY 2015

Today is the last day of 2015 and tomorrow  it will be a new year, a fresh start, new resolutions, new promises, new memories and a lot of new. So, I thought of showing you guys  how my usual day in 2015 was like. Hope you all enjoy these type of posts, do let me know in the comments .


When I wake up, Jeybran is also up so, we cuddle a bit then I immediately open my bedroom windows because sunshine is so important to start your day.


mother holding toddler and looking out window

Let there be sunshine


Later, I go to kitchen with Jeybran following me and I put my kettle on to boil water as I drink a huge glass of warm water with lemon or a Glass of cold water (depending on my mood and I felt like drinking cold water today) as first thing in the morning.



then I wash Jeybran, change him up and go straight to fix my breakfast But Today my husband had off for new years so we thought  of going out for breakfast/ brunch


we went to Pauls – I love their breakfast 🙂


This bread was yummy!


My glitter nails


Jeybran enjoying with his Baba

Its time for Jeybran to nap meanwhile, I finish up my tiny weeny tasks like replying to emails or fixJing up lunch (clearing stuff )


My bunny sleeping with his teddy!


I went to the supermarket to stock up groceries and then later we decided to have dinner at semsom as we wouldn’t be going out for NY eve.


These lebenese sausages with dibs rumen (pomegranate molasses are our all time favourite at Semsom


So we indulged a little as It was 31st Dec – Aish As saraya




Jeybran’s obsession with spoons continued during we ate!


Thought for new year


tried to make Jeybran sleep so we can spend the night watching a good movie with some healthy and not so healthy snacks – basically a date night at home 😉 but he slept really late as He was over tired SO, we just sat watching our stuff on youtube and wishing family . That’s how I spent my NY eve. This New years even was very memorable for me and maybe one of the most satisfying one as I spent It with the people I love the most- MY Family.

Happy new year guys!