Weekend Beauty Treats & Picks

After a long and boring week comes along a much awaited weekend that we all ADORE and I love to splurge and pamper myself with some “feel good” elements and my favourite beauty products . So this weekend while, I was strolling at Stars Avenue mall  I ended up adding  some more handmade beauty goodness from my favourite store LUSH 

 The new arrivals at LUSH are these delicious bubble bath balls which are absolute must haves with different colours and fragrances plus a plenty of options to choose from. The reason I stopped by at Lush was to pick up my shampoo for dry hair but as you know a girl cannot just go to a beauty store like lush and pick what she has to and then head back without having a look at other products and filling in some random good stuff. 

I was introduced to Rehab shampoo that has some essential oils and olive oil to keep the scalp moisture intact.I gave it a try for the first time and it seems fine, though it did not leave my hair with softness as expected but neither was my hair extra dry after washing unlike before. While at lush, I also picked up some refreshing soaps, I fell in love with the natural texture and feel of the soaps. Doesn’t it feel so wow to use organic products. 
SnowGlobe has a refreshing fragrance and is prefect if you want to unwind 
SnowCake , has glitter in it, the fragrance is a bit meh for me but the results are amazing and which is why it is worth a try as it leaves skin soft and moisturised. 
The sea vegetable soap is my favourite, the fragrance makes it to the top list. 
Found a cute way to store these soaps …..
Do share your list of favourite LUSH products.
Until then xoxo….