Unresolved Weighty Issues? Should I dial Cambridge Diet for emergency?
Cambridge Diet is the latest fad among Jeddah folks to shed
off those heavy  kilos. People have been raving
about Cambridge Diet Centre since its inception in Jeddah. Now the knock-out
questions are  – Does it work? Will it help
me lose weight quickly? Is it safe?

I guess I can safely pass conclusions as I have
tried-and-tested various diets and fads  all my life to achieve that dreamy figure and failingly
continue to do till date.  I unashamedly
admit that I had somberly given up that I could never be skinny like the poster
girls. Honestly, this desire used to be my sole ambition and the one thing I wanted
more than anything in my life. I have resorted to all means to fulfill this far
and distant objective.
I want to share with you, from my various dieting failures
that YOYO dieting is NOT a long-term solution and I will bet my cherished LV on
it. Google a bit and it will throw up results where it’s ubiquitously yelled in
all caps – ‘stop yoyo dieting and follow a healthy lifestyle!’. Sadly but truly
– yet slowly and surely -this is the only healthy way to consistently maintain
your weight and eat whatever you want albeit in smaller portions. I will do a separate
detailed blog post on healthy lifestyle and vegan diet but for now let me share
with you my experience with Cambridge diet.
I had to be in the best shape to fit in my favorite dress
for my best friend’s wedding. I toyed with this diet because I had rigorously sweated
out on Chalene Johnson’s ‘Beach Body Challenge’ for about 60 days and despair,
not lost as many kilos as I had targeted when I set-off this hi-tempo programme.
I was running against time and alas registered for another short term FAD diet –
Cambridge diet plan.
Astonishingly, the diet does work, and is for real! I stuck
to it for a good 10 days and lost about 3 KGS. However, the hurrah soon became
a groan – as like all diets, this also came with its sinister side-effects. I
felt so sick at many times, and my face had also turned pale like rotten aged-cheese.
The process may seem lengthy initially but trust me it’s
worth it. These guys are professionals unlike the rip-offs you find in Jeddah.  On my first appointment, I was asked to see
the nutritionist who analyzed my weight, height and eating habits, and based on
that she designed a customized diet plan which consisted of three Cambridge diet
sachets to be taken daily along with protein and dairy. My prescribed diet plan
was as follows



Breakfast – Apple cinnamon porridge



Skimmed yogurt or 1 cup skimmed milk


chicken breast or fish fillet with salad (no tomatoes, no dressing, no oil at all)

Evening snack – Shake

Oriental Chilli soup – the only soup from Cambridge diet that I liked 

 The result- It works! I lost a considerable amount of weight , about 7 pounds in 10 days.the best part of the diet is that the results are visible quickly and  if you want to shed off few pounds real fast then Cambridge diet won’t disappoint you 

Best shakes- Chocolate mint and Butterscotch
Best Porriage- Apple and cinnamon
Best Soups – Oriental chilli soup
Best bars- Chocolate and peanut