Travel Into The world Of Sandwiches With The Sandwich Gallery

Jeddah never falls short of new and great places to eat and the newly opened  sandwich gallery is the perfect place to go and enjoy freshly made sandwiches, salads, and juices.

Yesterday, we went out to grab some light dinner and after struggling with options we zeroed down to “The Sandwich Gallery” that has recently opened and is already talk of the town.

The moment you step into the restaurant it feels like you are at an airport or inside a stamp collecting book as the travel/country theme is everywhere – be it the menu, tables, walls, roof- like the entire place is full of maps,  name of countries and other bits and bobs that reflect the theme. The restaurant area is a bit too dingy but as it was a weekend they had opened the single section for families so we comfortably sat on one of the table that was right at the centre.









We took at least 10 minutes to decide, not that we are indecicive but the Menu has quite a lot of options from sandwiches to salads to appetisers. I ordered  Phuket salad, kale chips (baked) with sea salt and cucumber and lemon juice. I like how there were a lot of healthy choices on their menu. Husband got himself his all time favourite NewYork sandwich – that was basically hotdog and Napoli for his appetiser, which was pepperoni pizza slice on a bread with Orange juice.



Our order arrived just on time and It was very well presented of course, in line with their theme.


Kale Chips and Cucumber & Lemon Juice

Kale chips were baked and hence it caught my eye and I had already made up my mind to order it. I loved the chips, they were very crunchy without  being burnt with sea salt but if I would like to change one thing that would be to add less salt as the salt was way too much on the chips which made them a bit too sour. regardless this did not stop me or my 14 month old son to finish up the cup. I loved how kale chips were served in an aluminium  cup.

Lemon & cucumber juice was perfectly blended, it had just the right amount of ingredients with a dash of bitterness of lemon.



Phuket Salad 


Phuket Salad – this was typical steak strips sale with sweet chilli dressing. cucumbers, carrots, capsicum and purple cabbage were shredded and added to the salad. It was just how I had expected. I was in the mood for some tangy salad which is healthy as well so, when I read the ingredients of the salad I thought would be a good option. however, I felt I should have ordered a sandwich rather.


                                                                                                          Napoli bread 





                        NewYork Sandwich 






That how our bill arrived- I found it so creative


 A photobooth where I wanted to get a picture of Jeybran but we almost forgot it later 


 Well, Jeybran was quite busy, he loved Kale chips  🙂 I am glad he enjoyed 

So my take on The sandwich gallery is I would definitely revisit, its a very fresh concept with all the burger joints pouring in, this seems a place where I can go without having to care about my diet or calories since, they have got a good variety of healthy options.