The miracle baby cereal!

My son  wouldn’t sleep like he never felt the need to sleep- on the contrary he would be ready to play and we tried everything from the book well, certain things worked while, some were a total flop!

So I put him on  a routine, where I would switch off lights at 7 o clock so my son sort of has an idea that this is the time to sleep and playtime is over. later I would feed him his dinner followed by a warm bath and he would sleep in max 20 mins.

However, as he grew up it became  tougher, Once It took me more than an hour and my patience level was about to burst.

while on a grocery shopping trip last week  I noticed Heinz Bedtime baby cereal and I was like noway, seriously- So I immediately grabbed and read the contents  to make sure it does not have any artificial stuff or is not inclusive of sugars and all and to my surprise it did clear all my conditions. yay! I was so excited to try this


So, I started off by giving him a bowl of Heinz baby cereal mixed with fresh milk , he really liked the taste and to my surprise ended up eating quite a good helping . later I changed him in his sleep suit and he fell asleep in about 15 mins which is really a miracle. he has been eating this cereal for about 5 days now in a row for his dinner and falls asleep faster which is really a big relief for me. So, I wanted to share it with all you mums

The chamomile and linden present in the cereal help in calming the baby and makes him/her ready to hit the sack.

If you are struggling to get your little one to sleep  then you must give it a try. I have been totally loving it!


Available at all supermarkets and pharmacies across Jeddah.


Note- This is a non-paid review