Tasteful Tuesday with ActiFry

Best Kitchen Gadget Ever!

As you all know by now that I am a relatively healthy eater, well at least I try to be one .But, honestly  fried chicken and fries really are a huge obstruction on my way.  So, one fine day I found a healthy appraoch to satisfy my craving for fries  without sacrificing on taste. Yes, I found my magical appliance pretties- “Tefal ActiFry”. If you’re an avid fries lover and the thought of  greasy fries starts to turn your stomach, then Tefal Actifry could be the answer…

So, what makes it healthy? 

It is that the fryer uses 1 tablespoon oil to fry about 1.5 kgs – seriously! isn’t that amazing. the fat content is far less definitely. Here is my recipe of how I prepared yummy guilt free fries in ActiFry. also, oil is not required at all if you use frozen items, but as I am a clean eater hence, I stay away from frozen stuff. 


  • 4 large Potatoes 
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Peel potatoes with a peeler and cut them in equal size of thickness.
  • Rinse thoroughly in water and drain well.
  • Try to dry them completely by wiping with kitchen towels.
  • Place fries in Actifry, measure out oil using the green measuring spoon drizzle over fries.  
  • close the ActiFry and set the time for about 25- 30 mins.
  • It is best to keep an eye on the cooking every 5 mins initially once, you get the hang of it, you will know the exact time taken.( cooking time varies, depending on the thickness and the amount of the fries)
  • Cook it until its golden brown, unless you like your fries a little soggy. 
  • Once done, serve with salt  and yes your guilt free fries are ready! Bon Appetite 
If your new year resolution is to start a healthy lifestyle then Tefal Actifry will be your BFF…
Disclaimer – This is a non paid review.