Tackle Chapped lips – DIY Lip Care Routine
Pretties, we have reached that time of the year when weather changes are evident and even our beloved Jeddah starts getting a bit cooler or I should rather say pleasant and this is often welcomed by flu and dry lips. For cold and flu you can go to the doctor but I got a solution for your dry lips, all you need to do is raid your pantry! seriously.   

So begin by scrubbing your lips, using this miraculous DIY lip scrub recipe. 

– 3 tablespoons of olive oil 
– 3 tablespoon of sugar (white fine sugar)
– 1/4 spoon cinnamon powder 

Mix sugar and olive oil, once it is completely mashed gradually add the cinnamon powder and voila – your lip scrub is ready. yes, it is that simple, I usually store it in a glass container which lasts for few days or weeks if you refrigerate it. 

After scrubbing, moisturize your lips and make them ready for a perfect smile. I am sharing my secret  organic moisturizer that my mum once told me to use when I had chapped lips and I still use it till date every day before going to bed. So the magical moisturizer is  chocolate butter – yes you heard it right! I make it by adding chocolate and butter, so sweet lovers- alert, this is for you.
– 2 tablespoon butter ( I use lurpark unsalted)
– 1 tablespoon dark chocolate. 
mix both the ingredients on a double boiler or microwave for 20 – 30 seconds and then mix well using a spatula. once cooled down, store it in small containers and refrigerate it so you use it for months. I found a creative way to store mine, empty the used floating candle container and pour the chocolate butter mixture in it.