Sinfully Healthy – Right Eating Guide
I am like this diet police who keeps a vigilant eye on not only what I am eating but on people around me as well, I know I am that annoying friend, wife, daughter, sister who speaks up seeing anyone take a bite of unhealthy or unhygienic crap. I am a morning person who can never leave home without my morning fuel and I religiously eat breakfast and by breakfast I do not mean on-the-go apple or milk but a complete balanced morning meal. 

The funny thing is, people who struggle with weight usually skip their breakfast and the fit ones never compromise on their morning meal. However, at the same time if you are trying to lose weight by healthy eating, it is essential that you watch out your breakfast plate.
In my sinfully healthy section today I am going to give you insights on how to avoid some common mistakes in your breakfast meal so that you do not mess with the numbers on your scale

A glass of Orange juice

This might be your staple breakfast but a reality check here, juice contains higher sugar level than the actual fruit, since the fiber is lost in extracting it. Juice literally is a glass full of sugar water, so swap that glass of orange juice with real fruit which will keep you full for longer.



Wheat Cereal –

A bowl of cereal is surely nutritious, but if you end up having more than 1 portion size of that cereal, then it is everything but healthy. Try  instant oats instead, oats have far lesser calories than cereal so you can have more then one serving with skimmed milk plus it makes you feel full for a longer time.


Breakfast bars-

Stay away from those breakfast bars, if you do not want to widen  your belly , they are full of sugar and all the junk. if that is your fix for on-the-go breakfast then why not try a healthier solution and have low fat milk with some nuts and fruits like apple or  banana.

Digestive biscuits-

I know a colleague who would binge on digestives since she felt they are whole wheat hence healthy. girls, just because it is whole wheat or sugar free, that does not give you the license to eat how much ever you want. If two digestives do not make you feel full try switching digestives with brown or multi grain rusk, just one multi grain rusk is quite filling.