Sinfully Healthy – Right Eating Guide

Every girl’s fantasy would be to not gain weight even after living on cupcakes or chilli fries. Snap! Dream is over girls as in the real world this does not happen. Hey! but here is the catch you don’t have to kill your cravings but just choose smartly.And to guide through this, I am presenting my weekly “Sinfully Healthy” section in which  I will share some common dietary mistakes that we all do however,  if we choose smartly we can cut down on bad food and gradually embrace healthy lifestyle…so girls it’s all bout choosing wisely.

Dark Chocolate

Just because its dark  does not necessarily mean its healthy, choose that has maximum levels of cocoa and check out the nutrition label if it says “processed with alkali” that means you need to dump it back to the supermarket shelf. look for chocolate bars that have 70% minimum cocoa , the safest bet are Lindt 70%- 85% cocoa bars and Green and Black’s organic that have 70%- 80% cocoa. you can easily find them at Danube or Manuel. 

Take care and stay away from making wrong choices and while filling in the weekly groceries, just have a careful look at the nutrition label at the back of the chocolate bar if it is processed with Alkali then it is an absolute NO NO.
Reduced fat peanut butter
The biggest mistake we often commit is to pick up that jar of reduced peanut butter from the diet section shelf of Danube, isn’t it just so tempting. Alert! drop that since, the fat in peanut butter is good and when the fat level is reduced , sugar is added to bring back its lost flavor. Look for natural peanut butter that should just contain peanuts and salt. of course the best way is to make your own peanut butter at home , its easy peasy ( stay tuned, I will post the recipe soon) 

That’s all for now, until next week- stay healthy and choose wisely.