Self sufficient at Selfie
We all have been taking selfies and talking about it but- from duck face to your belfie- sometimes we overdo it so, Today I thought of giving some tips to you pretties on how to frame a perfect selfie. 




To begin with, a perfect selfie does not happen with one click you need to take a couple of shots to make it an ideal selfie.
1- To work on your selfie you need to angle your chin slightly up, towards the light, to mix shadows and create a gorgeous glow. doing so will highlight your cheekbones, chin, and jaw line. And do let your arm be visible on the camera which is holding the phone. 



2- Do not pose straight up into the phone as it will make your face look big.
3- Think happy thoughts which reflect on the face. A real smile is way hotter than a fak-y.
4-Make the picture about you- and not the background.
5-) Sorry pretties, but no duck face ever, it just ended with 2013!!