Saturday Indulgence – DIY quick pedicure renewal
I love pedicure sessions,  I feel like a princess where
my feet are being cleaned and massaged while I blissfully either enjoy my book
or music. There is a BUT to this statement and the but is I hate to wait and
feel as if time is slipping away , performing this feet pampering once a month is
good and I wouldn’t be bothered for a couple of minutes waiting time .The
real issue arises when I want to do this routine  more than
once a month and the time at the salon makes my heart pinch and feel guilty
thinking what all I could do instead of sitting here. So to beat that guilt I like
to do my pedicure renewal at home, here is how it is done.

  •     Put on some relaxing music and lite up aromatic candles 

Essentials for DIY pedicure renewal 

  •     Soak your feet in hot water for 10- 15 mins ( I use my bath tub at
    times or the feet mas sager), 
  •     Apply cuticle remover oil, I use body shop almond oil cuticle remover,
    just spread it on your toe nails and wait for about 5 mins.


Bodyshop almond cuticle oil- the best 

  • I use body shop almond oil cuticle remover ,
    just apply that on toe nails and wait for about 5 mins
  • Sart pushing them back with a cuticle remover 


  • Scrub the hard dead skin with the help of a pumice stone
  • usually if you
    are doing this routine as a renewal to your pedicure session, you are most
    likely not to have any dead skin at this time hence, and you can straight away
    go to the next step.


                                   LUSH Volcano Foot Mask – it really lives up to it’s name 



Cover your feet with plastic 

  • Wash your feet, pat dry and then wait for the best part apply the volcano foot mask from
    LUSH, all you need to do is apply a thick coat on all your feet and then wrap
    your feet in a plastic.
  • Leave it on for 10 mins, rinse it off by rubbing it near the dead
    skin, this product is miraculous, you will feel your feet super good after washing it. 
  • Follow by applying a good foot cream, I use Botanics from boots. 


                                                                          Botanics mint foot cream by BOOTS


                          Sleep with your socks and you will love your soft feet in the morning.