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No Checkouts, No Overindulgence with unnecessary Items – To Online shop or not?

I was always very apprehensive about shopping online as I am that impulsive shopper who would just want to buy the desired item immediately without having to wait for it like forever (that’s an exaggeration, I mean 5- 7 days). But my perception changed when one fine day I had decided to buy a wallet and went to  buy it but did not the find an additional one as the display piece had one kind of prominent mark on it. So, to cheer myself up I landed home with a bag which was not at all planned by the way. I started looking at designs of my chosen brand wallets online and accidentally I noticed the same wallet was available at their US store. I wanted to get my hands on it so I went ahead and orderd it. But, you guys must be wondering how I got that here since, it was from the US store, hold your horses ladies – will let you know all details.

I immediately opened an account on shop and ship which is powered by Aramex.



Online shopping basics- What to order and what not to order ?

It could be tricky to decide what could be bought online and whats never to even think buying online. so, here are some tips to keep in mind while ordering online.

Never order something you are not sure about, like shoes but in case, you are getting a good deal then go and check the same piece at the local shop and order the same piece.

I always prefer to order bags and wallets online as you can get some good reductions in price specially if you are opting for designer brands.

Clothes are an absolute no no for me, but if you are confident then give it a try but be very sure of what you are ordering.

I recently ordered a whole set of amazing cosmetics online while ordering Naked 2 palette and I am completely satisfied with them. okay, here is the catch now be sure of what colour of lipstick, blush, eyeshadow you want, my advice is to first go and checkout the colours at local stores so you can not go wrong.

Check the prices at local stores, if the difference isn’t a lot then it is always better to get it from local shop or else the complete order with shipping charges will come unto same or sometimes a little more.

Happy beautiful woman holding a credit card and working on laptop

Where to online shop?

regional and local online shopping stores are a great and quicker options, also some of the stores accept cash on delivery.



If you want to get Naked palettes or dos lip balms without having to wait then just order from these instagram accounts who sell beauty products that are not available in KSA, usually a delivery charge is there which is not too much but you get the products delivered at your door step the very next day. (depending on the availability of course)

themakeupboutique – this is based in Jeddah
bellejeddahonlineshop – they ship everywhere within KSA

So whatever you decide to shop online, just be smart and do to get carried away or else you will end up ordering a whole lots useless stuff. I know a friend who is addicted to shopping online, everyday she receives an aramaex package and believe me most of it goes into her not wearable or not-usable items and eventually into the trash.