My wishlist for blackfriday sale 2015 –



I am a shopaholic and I am unapologetic about it, seriously life is too short to be ruled by savings and expenses!

Well, thats the shopaholic in me speaking. I love shopping but, I select my items carefully and I am not a very impulsive shopper so, If you go shopping with me GOD save you. Usually, I go shopping alone, because nobody can bear me, I meticulously look at shops and I know exactly what I want.

But, when I entered motherhood I was so overwhelmed with so many things going on like my sons sleep timings, he never sits in the stroller for more than 10 mins, breastfeeding etc left me with no time to shop even for some necesseties and thats when online shopping came to rescue. I must admit that I was never an online shopping fan but let’s admit its’s very convenient and easy. Now, when blackfriday was approaching I was super excited to get my hands on all the things that I despretely wanted.

So here, is my wish list , do share yours.


I wanted a new eyeshadow palette with some hi pigmented vibrant colours and after looking and researching I nailed down to beautiful palette . well it’s actually a makeup set  by Stila cosmetics. its called “A whole lotta love” and I got it from There are a few more beauty products that I picked like cream contour palette from aesthetica cosmetics, beauty blender and a flat top kabuki brush from keshima.







Sunglasess for daily wear since my son broke both my shades and I wanted something not very expensive. I got these Michael Kors



Next I got some great t shirts for my son and a pair of matching daddy and baby polos from Ralph Lauren.

Now, I am anxiously waiting for my package.