Young woman with shiny face, close up
My skin’s life line
The texture of my skin is oily, which normally requires a little extra care as oily skin can be super annoying at times when your face looks and feels all oily. Also greasy skin is prone to pimples that’s what people say and I have seen so far though I never experienced such a problem ever in my life. This could be partially because I drink LOADS of water seriously  and that is rule no 1 to keep your body hydrated, it truly reflects on your face.

Secondly, to research and look for the best suited products for your skin type. I  found my skin’s life line almost 4 years ago with clinique oily to oily combination skin face wash and moisturizer gel. It is just amazing, now I just need to exfoliate my face just once a week because every time I wash my face with it the oil just vanishes away without leaving it extremely dry and the gel keeps the face moisturized at exactly the right level. these two products are my best friends forever .

Face Wash – Clinique

 I have minor gripe here wish the sales people at Paris Gallery and Debenhems Jeddah were as excited as I am when i bought these products for the first time.