my saviour bag
My Chic Diaper Bag – DECONSTRUCTED

Hello lovely mums, hope you all are doing fine.

When my son was born, I had no clue or I should  rather say it never occurred to me that I would be needing a bag to put in my little one’s stuff while on the go, which is known as a Dipaer bag/baby bag. huh ( I am a first time mum hence, was overwhelmed)

So, when I was taking J for his first check up five days after his birth, I started putting in my wallet and phone in the bag, and thats when I realised, oh gosh, I need to pack stuff for this little person as well.  So, I grabbed my Coach work bag which was lying since ages as it’s kinda huge for me, and during pregnancy I always carried small sling purses which would just have my wallet and phone. I put in his diapers, wipes, a pair of clothes etc etc (the usual essentials that a baby would require when out of home), I had a bag organiser that I quickly put in the stuff into.


my saviour bag

my saviour bag

Later, after his appointment I went to Stars Avenue mall to buy a diaper bag. Unfortunately, to my surprise, none of the international brands which also have a diaper bag range, did not offer in Jeddah. My first choice was Coach, as a friend of mine had once suggested while I was pregnant that Coach diaper bags come handy and are very spacious. Again to my disappointment, the saleswomen wasn’t sure that whether it was out of stock or they never have diaper bags here. The next stops were Michael Kors, DKNY and Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs had a few diaper bags and I was like awesome sauce finally I found one , but my happiness was short lived because when I saw the bag it was so blah!!quilted diaper bag – which looked so aged and I hate to carry those ugly diaper bags which  shout and say “NEWMUM”!!

I started using my Coach bag as a temporary diaper bag until I order online, which required a bit of research, and being a first time new mum with absolutely no help available I was super busy and never got the time for few weeks and then I was like I am going to use this as my diaper bag since, it was there for me when I really needed a big bag!! (sigh) and thats my story of how I converted my regular COACH bag into a diaper bag .

Diapers, changing mat, breast feeding cover, toys, ready to eat pouches

Baby essentials that typically are included in a diaper bag


The bag organiser plays a pivotal role in making this bag into a baby bag since the organiser has a lot of compartments and side box pockets that are ideal for holding a bottle or a sipper. I usually pack five diapers, a changing mat, small pack of wipes , 1-2 extra pair of clothes ( I take a onesie and a sleep suit) .  Next, the most vital element of my baby bag is the breastfeeding cover – AAH I cannot say enough good things about this breast feeding cover from Bebe au’laut – It is super and has been my saviour when I am out of home, as I can conveniently feed my son everywhere using this cover. It literally covers perfectly and you feel so confident even if feeding at a crowded restaurant. I have fed my son in most of the restaurants in Jeddah and of course in the car using this cover. Initially, when i had decided to exclusively breastfeed my son, I was locked at home for a long time because my son would have to be fed every hour and sometimes every 30 minutes! so even pumping was not a good option and I gave up on it as I did not like pumping at all .This BF cover has been the most incredible buy and I wish I had discovered it earlier.

Up next in my baby bag is of course a ready to eat Ella pouch , which I usually stack for emergency since my son is not interested in pureed food anymore. Also, I throw in some finger food from Ellas in a zip lock bag which comes handy when my son wants to munch or is a bit cranky or bored (lol).


Followed by all of the above, there is regular stuff like the sanitiser, a pair of shoes, bibs and I also keep a tiny pouch that

holds my keys, money, cards and mobile because I do not carry an extra handbag .


Basically, everything fits into this bag organiser

Basically, everything fits into this bag organiser