Keep calm and read on
good book with chai latte or a seamless cup of coffee – isn’t it a perfect
epilogue to even a bad day. I try to do this at least on Thursdays after work;
this is what I call me time and it so happens that reading therapy makes me
relax in the best possible way.
A GOOD book and coffee – Combo made in Heaven

My current reads

love reading and I read all kids of books, heavy, thriller, bios to soft light
reads. A huge fan of Sidney Sheldon , but recently I have found a new interest
– Sophie Kinsella light chic reads, which is kind of weird since I never even
read them when I was in school – found them a little too meh. But
believe me these are great stress buster, seriously who wants add stress with
the nail biting thrillers when you are on vacation or trying to de stress
yourself. Home
is the best place for me to read, however sometimes changing your comfort zone
is necessary. my two favorite coffee places in Jeddah for reading  are

–          – Starbucks at Jarir, sary street
–           –  Mugg and beans , near stars Avenue
Today me and my husband stopped by at starbucks
for some after work coffee and I spotted a new shortbread and brownie…the
caramel shortbread was YUMM
Belgian Chocolate square and Chocolate Caramel Shortbread