Himalayan Charcoal Mask by The Body Shop – YAY OR NAY? – Reviewed

Have you ever wished while applying a face mask that it was not on your face because of a foul smell disturbing your smelling senses? well if you did then we are in the same wagon – High Five

I always have such experience so by now you would have deduced that I am a sucker for pleasing smelling skincare products. So, when The Body Shop came up with these new range of vegan face masks  I was really intruiged into trying them out and one fine day while shopping at Sultan Mall I noticed The Body Shop and I was like “ If by chance I noticed body shop that obviously means even universe wants me to try that face mask “ and that was a good reason to push down the guilt of buying too many beauty products.

I saw about 4-5 or may be six types of face masks and that got me thinking which one shall I pick? and honestly, the sales girl at the shop was not helpful at all, well they are never and most of the time its like if I inquire about a produt it turn out I know a bit more about it. So, without wasting a minute of my precious time and saving her of the pain to try I quietly looked at each one of them and read ingredients to see which mask is for me. As soon as I saw Himalayn charcoal I knew it’s for me because of the fact that I have oily skin and anything to do with clay /charcoal is tailor-made for us- the oily skin gang.

My son decided to Nap a bit early on last saturday and thats when I decided yay – face mask time as I had an event to attend in the afternoon. To begin with when I opened the box and unlocked the tub in which the mask comes in , my smelling sense took a dip in this aromatic bath tub filled with exotic flowers. the fragrance was so welcoming that I took a moment to just smell it. It is infused with green tea leaves and is a textured mask and when  I started applying it I felt a tingling sensation on my face which was not uneasy but infact very soothing that got me thinking that the mask is definitely working on my skin like maybe taking off excess oil and thus removing the impurities which is what it claims.

I left it to dry off completely after application as my skin is super oily but you can leave it for 5 mins if you have normal skin type. Also , as the mask has green tea leaves in it so, to remove my mask I exfoliated it and then rinsed it off and tada…after washing it I felt my skin was breathing, no jokes – seriously. I felt refreshed the same way like how after eating mint or menthols the throat feels. I would like to add that I could feel this tingling or the fresh sensation on my face for good 30 mins after removing the mask and that was so calming for me.

The glow that this mask gave me was phenomenal. I used only a little foundation and no concealer while getting ready for the dinner party and of course it made me super happy. I will be using it again and again as its really effective and a quick fix for facial. Though 119 SAR for a clay mask might sound a bit expensive but trust me this product is worth spending that money.

So, I thought of showing you all a step by step process/ guide on how I apply this mask to get maximum results.





Firstly I really liked the packaging , Its very convenient and functional as the product is packed in a tub which makes it super easy to apply without having to let go off the last bit of the product unlike the tube packaging.




I take a generous amount of mask on my brush and start applying it on clean face (clean I mean no makeup of course) with slow strokes so the mask is applied evenly on face and neck as well.



I let ot sit on face for good 15 minutes, or until it dries off completely. if you have dry or normal skin then probably you might want to leave it on for no more than 5 minutes.



Once its all dry I take damp muslin cloth or a damp towel to wipe off my face .



Whatever is left after cleaning with a damp cloth I exfoliate to get best results, as I have oily combination skin type so exfoliating on the t zone really helps.




As you can see , the results are so clear. I got a clear refreshed face yay!! this has turned into my weekend favourite mask.



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