Gold Glitter Face Glow
As you know Saturday’s for me is the time when I try to pamper my skin for the week long glow. I had been thinking to try out something new so, this Saturday I found the perfect opportunity to unpack the VLCC package that I had received consisting of a gold face bleach and other face wash, scrubs and masks. The first product among the package to come under the Randomers Cloud scanner  was the Insta glow gold bleach.
Just for your info girlies, VlCC is the most recognized beauty and wellness brand from the Indian sub continent and has a very prominent presence in UAE, Bahrain and Omar . Recently, it  entered the Saudi market. VLCC is widely recognized for its scientific weight loss solutions and its therapeutic approach to beauty treatments.  
So coming back to my Saturday skin pampering session, I got myself ready to try the VLCC Gold instant glow bleach. the gold bleach comes with a pre bleach creme, a bleach formula and a post bleach mask, which is applied in three steps. 
I found that quite intriguing and now I will tell you why. 
I always stayed away from those bleaching cremes since, I have a super sensitive skin and thanks to my first time horrifying bleaching experience that led me to believe that my skin and bleach are like chalk and cheese hence, they should never go on a date, not even for a second!
Firstly, I prepared my face for bleach by washing my face with cold water and then applied the pre bleach creme to make my skin ready for the bleaching process, this is an extremely essential step specially if you got skin like mine  sensitive then do not skip this. 
I applied the creme and massaged it until it was completely absorbed  as per the instructions on the manual. 
Step 2 
Mix the bleaching ingredients, the activator and the creme in the ratio of 10:1. The simple technique here is to take one part of activator powder and ten parts of  the creme, mix it really well . Though the creme is bit sticky and coarse, the paste does not turn out very smooth . Leave it on for 15 minutes maximum, depending on your skin type. (read the instruction manual) wash off with cold water. I felt a bit of irritation while the bleach was working on my face but that’s quite a normal bleaching effect. Once I washed my face I could see an instant glow and girls, it is really helpful if you have budding facial hair and you do not want to ruin the smoothness of your skin by waxing it. 
Now, wohoo comes my favorite part, the post bleach face pack. I applied the post bleach on my face and left it for about 5 or maybe 7 mins followed by massaging it gently so it can be absorbed. 
I am not a huge fan of bleach but this package just made me believe it is good for my skin due to the fact that it had pre and post bleach cremes that kept my panic nerves in control since, I had the damage control ammunition in hand just incase it was needed. 
So my verdict is that I am quite satisfied with VLCC Insta glow gold bleach, works well if you have a party to attend and you want an instant glow. But girls, as you know bleach contains a lot of chemicals so you should not use it frequently. In case, you are motivated to try the  insta glow gold bleach you can easily find it at almost all supermarkets and selected pharmacies across Saudi Arabia. 
After, this super glowy gold bleach the next day I enhanced my pretty face by doing a facial cleanse using VLCC products. stay tuned for my next review on face cleanse- coming soon. Until then stay pretty …xoxo