EEKS! A closer look at germs in our mouth….

One fine morning when I received a package from Listerine I had absolutely no clue about what was inside the box. I thought typically there would be a mouthwash with some new product features etc .But to my surprise when I unwrapped the box, there was another box with Google cardboard and this really got me super excited like a 5 year old, I quickly made my little one nap so I peacefully unbox it.


There was bit of technique to use the Google cardboard and once I hooked it on and placed my mobile properly and watched the 360 video I was literally transmitted to another world. I felt I am sitting in a movie theatre and watching a 3D movie.


Let me give you a bit of background about my oral hygiene routine. Using mouthwash for me is like forced to wake up early morning because the baby is up after a really late night. Conclusion- we need to do it regardless of how much we dislike it. Btw all my ramblings somehow direct towards sleepless nights and how much of a non-sleep lover my little one is. ughh tsk tsk so without further delay and my non stop banter let’s talk about Listerine- shall we?

I was kind of curious to know a little more about how mouthwash works, and specifically about Listerine – total control zero. To my surprise it not only eliminates odour but also works as a germ fighter, whitens teeth, prevents ginivintis and protects against cavities. Well if little of discomfort for 30 seconds can give all those benefits then the discomfort can surely be ignored.


I have introduced Listerine – Total care Zero in my before bed routine and have been quite impressed already but I will review it once I use it for good 3-4 weeks. The one thing that really pushed me to try the Mouthwash is certainly the 360 video. It’s amazing how in such a short video, the comprehensive details of germs attacking and creating a home in our mouth is explained in a very simple yet striking manner. Seriously lovelies, after watching this horrific video – my inner oral hygiene sense just woke up after being a silent victim. I was just like eeks, why our mouth has to go through so much of dirt and filth and the best way to avoid it is by including mouthwash as a must have in oral hygiene routine. lovelies please do watch the video to check out how Listerine total care zero fights back the germs in our mouth.

You can also check out the Listerine site for more oral hygiene tips that we ignore or are unaware

I will go and watch some 360 videos with this Google cardboard now (Yay so excited), until next time stay Healthy and hygienic!