Dry skin? Let’s go back to the basics “MOISTURISE”!
Are you the types who loves to take care of face while ignore the body skin? well don’t feel alone in this guilt conscious trip, This is so typical of me. my face is always super  hydrated and clean , inspire of it being oily (thanks to my Genes, that I get from my mother) because I take care of my face, I make sure to always take off my makeup no matter how tired I am even after a 3 am party. I religiously follow a night time beauty regime .Now the irony here is I take care of my face, feet and hands while ignoring the rest of the body! that sounds so partial . I am this horrible person who knows moisturising body is a must but I simply ignore until one fine day I noticed dry skin patches on my tummy and I was shocked, and my usual reaction was to grab my body moisturiser and generously rub it. however, what I noticed after few hours is it again went dry so I immediately tried other moisturisers from my army of moisturisers (yeah, yeah I always have them in bulk though never ever used on a regular basis). I eventually discovered that my skin went too dry and It needed something extra like oil or shea butter and hence, I went shopping the same day to get some good butter based moisturisers.

Shea Butter from The Body Shop


One of my friend, who has very dry skin once mentioned that she uses Body shop shea butter shower gel and moisturiser and honestly her skin does look very hydrated and soft and going by her word I thought of giving Body shop a try . I bought a large shea butter moisturiser and soap free shower cream.



My initial reaction was OMG- it’s so sticky and oily but once I started using it regularly I was thrilled with the results –  Hurray! It really won the battle against my stubborn dry skin. From my experience I can surely say when your skin feels super dry you definitely need a moisturiser that is creamy and has deep moisturising effect and applying the cream properly is the key, You need to make sure it’s all absorbed so it goes deep to the bottom of the skin.


Do share your experience with moisturisers. 🙂