Ditch the Gym and Hit Home workout!

Girls let’s face it we always tend to make unrealistic weight loss resolutions and to accomplish that we usually stick to FAD diets and that results into pale face, cravings, mood swing and before the end of the diet we end up binging on carbs and sugar.

While, the best way and the only way i should rather say to lose weight and maintain is by following a healthy lifestyle and working out- believe me girls there is no short cut- I am saying this based on my personal experience, I have been there and done that- seriously.


I consider myself an extremely lazy person and working out is a huge issue for me specially if i have to go deal with diver problems and get stuck in traffic for almost an hour to reach the gym where I would workout for 45 mins well, I would rather ditch the gym altogether and have enrolled at all the great Gym’s at Jeddah but ended up going there only for a week while paying the entire 3 months fee. What a wastage.

I am a strong believer of working out from home, specially residing in saudi arabia – I do not wan tot stress and bother about how I am going to reach the gym, driver problems, traffic etc so I found a couple of nice workout plans which can be easily done from home and most of them have beginner levels as well.

So here is my list


1-) Chalene johnson Turbo Fire

The program is for 90 days and 6 days a week however, the workouts are not too long ranging between HIIT (Hi intensity) to body sculpt and stretches. following the plan exactly for 90 days will give wonderful results but, I just picked up few workouts like the HIIT 15 and 30 min workout which i would do on every alternate day, it made me quite strong and helped me shape up. the fact that the workout is only for 15 mins and 30 mins tops, i was motivated to religiously do it everyday.

2-) P90X


The P90X has got quite butt kicking workouts as well, I love the cardio X , Kenpo and yoga X, they are awesome, as they are so much fun and easy to  follow plus you know you are making exceptional effort to lose that stern fat. I  stick to these three from the P90X however, they have a complete range of workouts designed for each day.

3-) Jillian Michaels – 30 day shred


This is a brilliant workout if you want to get in shape without a lot of effort, I agree P90X and Chalene Johnson is a bit too extreme for beginners who have never hit the GYM.

So choose your workout accordingly, it is definitely not one size fits all but find the right workout for you that can easily slide in your lifestyle and suit your body

Well, as far as my workout routine is concerned i try to keep my sessions fun and stay away from boring routine so i combine all the above and each day is a different workout.


Some tips- 

Ofcourse working out without eating healthy will give absolutely NO results hence, clean your kitchen and refrigerator from all the crap and, stop eating junk, sugar and carbs- keep it simple with veggies, fruits, lean protein and multigrain breads only.

do not go on FAD diets please!

Try to finish dinner before 8 PM, maximum before 9 PM.

Go easy on the workouts, do not over do it and do not starve yourself.