Congratulations! Now you are a Mother – Say Hello to Breastfeeding

I entered this beautiful phase of motherhood last November. Now as I approach towards my son’s first birthday, there are so many things to reflect upon, my emotions, feelings,moments together, cries, laughter , craziness and now I can say it was so worth it! however, at that time me and my husband were going bonkers as first time parents. I decided to exclusively breastfeed my little one and this was a big decision since, there were so many challenges to it, but I am glad I did it and have successfully fed him for almost 12 months now without even a bottle of top up formula. frankly speaking I found bf much more convenient than bottle feed as there is no hassle of going through washing and sterilising, it just needs few drops of patience. My gynaecologist rightly said when I went for a post pregnancy checkup after 3 days, that your work now is to rest and look after your baby, feed him and rest and you will be satisfied.

If you are planning to breastfeed your little one ,then get a breast feeding pump beforehand. I was lucky that my sister gifted me a Medela swing (electric) breastpump while I was expecting, and she kept reminding me to take it with me to the hospital. Honestly, in Saudi Arabia breastfeeding is not promoted enough and for first time mums it could be a bit of a challenge.

Incase you experience difficulties breastfeeding and need some guidance, it could be counselling or spare parts of Medela brast pump, Al Bidayah is your to go place. They are an organisation who promote breastfeeding, they have got all essentials required, like breast feeding pump accessories, a Bf cover and there is even a counseller who can talk to you and help if required. If you have the budget then go for Medela swing, it really works great. Its easily available at Mothercare and Nahdi pharmacies. If you don’t want to shell out a huge amount then a manual breast pump is also  efficient from Avent.

Since I conceived my son, I knew Im going to breastfeed him but later I decided to exclusively breastfeed my son with no top-up at all. But coming back home after delivery going out to get basic essentials for my son got me thinking how to breastfeed him in public- like are there separate rooms in the mall? how to cover and my only option was to take expressed milk with me and for me pumping was difficult since my son had to be fed every 30 mins and there was no time to pump. So, I did a bit of research and saw this amazing breastfeeding cover from be’be balut in Mothercare and I instantly grabbed it, was a bit pricey SAR 295 but this piece of cloth has been my saviour ever since. I fed my son everywhere, in the car, restaurants, coffee shops- literally everywhere. As this cover is perfect!

bf cover

Breastfeeding is not easy in Jeddah, but I have seen it is gaining popularity and the stigma of feeding in public also seems to take a backseat. The only thing you need to be careful about if feeding in public area is that you should be completely covered and then you are good to go.

The advantages of breastfeeding are numerous