Confessions of a Brunchaholic at Kosebasi

The new weekend Friday- Saturday is such a bliss.I am elated with this change which allows me to completely absorb the feeling of a weekend in the real sense . I now get ample time to finish weekly chores at home, go out with my girls and most importantly some ‘me’ time as well. I love Saturdays now.
Saturday is a perfect day to unwind and relax. I usually try to finish all boring tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping on weekdays or maximum by Friday so i can have some me time and laze around at home the following day.
This Saturday we met our friends for lunch, a lovely couple with three beautiful kids. We tried out a new Turkish restaurant ‘kosebasi’ at Rawdah street. We had heard good reviews and had been waiting to try it out since a while but it just never happened, so when my hubby suggested kosebasi i readily jumped at the thought.
We arrived at Kosibasi at 3:00 pm without reservations and were lucky to find a table for seven as the crowd started to swell just after we had entered. We are avid fans of Turkish cuisine and have tried almost all popular local restaurants in our visit to Istanbul. We havent found any good Turkish restaurant in Jeddah. therefore, we didn’t have much expectations from Kosibasi. However, we were pleasantly surprised with our dining experience. It is a spacious restaurant with simple yet interesting interiors – a good mix of tradtion and modernity.

To begin with the menu has lots to offer from the Anatolian cuisine. It was a confusing, in a good way, to finalize our order with so many yummy dishes to choose from.  Me trying to be a vegan, ordered spinach pide and lentil soup with bulgar. Rest of the gang ordered donars, shish tawook and kebabs. The soup tasted just divine – and believe me i can instantly make out if the soup has been prepared from scratch or made from packet soup mix. To my astonishment it was freshly prepared as i always have a sour experience at other restaurants. I have never tasted such a delicious and non-oily spinach pide. The chicken kebabs and donar were readily slurped by my table-mates..

Since, the restaurant was overcrowded so a mishap was waiting to happen. We were served some wrong dishes and also delayed orders. Half of us had started eating while the rest were waiting for their food. To calm the situation and pacify us hungry savages apart from their sincere apologies, the staff tried their best to make it up by serving us complimentary salads, tea and yummy desserts.

As a sign off, we highly recommend Kosebosi and will always revisit as it serves the best Turkish food in J town until today.