Anchor -Little Big Moments !
The curtain’s closing on 2014 and I often sit down, sipping hot cappuccino with freshly baked short bread, and reflect how this year has been – for myself and the people I love the most. As my mind randomly jogs backwards, I observe a significant recurring milestone that many of my friends have been blessed with motherhood.  How I had pestered them for latest pictures of their munchkins and cutiepies.  Strangely, how they all replied that it’s such a hassle to regularly share pictures and videos of the superbaby with so many admirers.  The hassle would then become a nightmare if by chance they would miss out THAT particular family member or friend, who will haunt you the rest of your life for this slip-up.  How they wished there would be a do-it-all mobile app where they can shoot pictures/videos, caption them and also easily share with everyone. This is where I remember myself helping them out with this. 
A few days ago I had stumbled across Anchor’s Little Big Moments app which serves exactly this purpose, and immediately shared with all those moms, who graciously thanked me with cute instagrammed smiles of their little angels. Awww, I would do anything for those drooly smiles.
It feels good to see that brands really care about their customers to this extent. It’s not just ringing the cash counter. I am sure that Anchor would have carefully researched on the struggles of moms and come up with this wonderful app. This way, Anchor is not only nourishing the growing lil champ with a healthy body and mind, but also strengthening family ties and friendship in today’s chaotic hustle and bustle.

By the way, it’s interesting how Anchor’s communication has kept pace with changing times. I can safely say this because even my strong bones have a bit of Anchor in them.  My mother mostly chose Anchor whenever she needed powdered milk for us. Moreover, I am a combo of a rational and emotional buyer – i.e. I allow emotions to rule in making the careful final purchase decision. And, I proudly claim that ‘nostalgia’ is always the deciding factor for me! I will anytime choose a brand that I had used in my childhood, however, it should serve the purpose of today’s changed times.

My mug needs a refill now. However, I am just imaginingall those captured magical baby moments, shared with their grannies, who live seas away and cuddle their angels in every passing thought. Aha, priceless indeed!

PS – You may download the app’s link from here – link