An Enchanting scent!

I had gone to Danube the other day to restock groceries. And on passing across the hair care aisle,  I was taken aback by a sudden whiff of mesmerising fragrance and I was like omg, what is this? My heightened smell sense magically followed this waft,and lo and behold, brought me to a sampling counter in the cosmetics aisle. It was a promotion activity for Enchanteur Fascinating , an Eau de Toilet.


To be honest, I am extremely finicky when it comes to choosing my perfumes. I do not usually use anything or everything. A fragrance needs to qualify a certain level to be worth my attention, especially floral fragrances. Anyway, I tried the available range and surprisingly I liked what I smelled. I thought that it’s good for daily use. The variety of scents is teasingly appealing.



Anyway, a lot of people started queuing up behind me. So, I hurried up and ended up buying two bottles of Enchanteur Fascinating EDT as they both had a distinct fragrance. Moreover, they are priced quite reasonably @ SAR 30.

Upon returning home and freshening up, I tried my new parfums. Then I did a quick Google check and came to know that Enchanteur Fascinating EDT is a brand that offers amazing perfumes and body lotions. And what makes it unique is that the fragrance is inspired by floral notes which are symbolic to french romance!

It has a blend of exotic red fruits with like Iris and Orange blossom  with a hint of Vanilla, Amber and White musk.

I suggest you ladies to try Enchanteur’s new range of Eau de Toilette and smell as floral as a  blooming flower swaying in the summery breeze.

It is available at all supermarkets and Hypermarkets across the Kingdom and is for about SAR 30